C is for Coloring

Of all my mindless activities I pursue, coloring is my favorite.  The dreamy strokes of the crayons and markers direct me into a state of prayer. [I have mentioned in an earlier post about praying in color (see 10/04/2011)].

Saying that, I do need to make a conscious effort to have a blank calendar posted in sight, to remind myself to take the time to allow my spirit space. With the help of MicroSoft Word 2010 and a calendar template*, I printed out a 2012 calendar on several different colored papers. On my refrigerator, the January 2012 calendar waits for all the memorable events to be doodled in and prayed over.

The focus of my attention this year is found in ‎1 Timothy 6:19 “In this way they will lay up treasure for themselves as a firm foundation for the coming age, so that they may take hold of the life that is truly life.”  From this scripture passage the following words will be used throughout the calendar year to keep me focused…True Life, Treasure, People, Saving Grace, Count it all JOY, promises, Promises Fulfilled, Spiritual Battle, Carnal, Double-Minded, Heaven can Wait, Retreat, Friendship, Peace, Hope, Guiding Light, Counseling, Prayer, Death is Defeated, Redemption, New Creature, Overcomers, JESUS; Lover of my Soul, Journey, Path, Light, Darkness, and The Door.

What will your focus be in 2012? What words could describe the focus for your life and keep you in prayer, meditation and reflection on your faith to fulfill your 2012 goal(s). Keep in touch! Let me know how your journey unfolds.

*Open a new Word Document, click on File, New and select Calendar. From there you can determine which template to open in your document. Very, very simple.

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