The Storm in My Heart

There is joy in our tears
when Christ appears.

The storm in my heart
will depart
when Jesus calms the waves.

And he walks through my life
and shows me the strife
when the light dawns.

There is joy in our tears
when Christ appears.

Don’t battle the world
with words hurled
when they are not ready to hear.

Follow me
to Calvary
and carry your cross for them.

For there is joy in our tears
when Jesus appears
and all is well again.

Life Waits

Time is passing by.
You wait.
No one comes to call.
Turn around.
Don’t look back.
Life waits.

Turn around.
Turn around.
Turn around.
Life keeps spinning.
You fall down.




Kaliedoscope of Color

a kaleidoscope
of color
blurs into grey
and everyone sees
the same image.


happily-ever after…

“If love is blind, then maybe a blind person that loves has a greater understanding of it.”  Criss Jami “Salome: In Every Inch in Every Mile”

John 2:25 He did not need any testimony about mankind, for he knew what was in each person.


Happy writing,

Celestial Glory

Did you happen to look up to the heavens Sunday evening,
September 8, 2013, shortly after sunset?

Celestial glory

I did, because I knew the Moon and Venus
would be sharing space,
close enough to capture them in the same frame.

I looked up yesterday evening, September 9, 2013, and already they had parted ways.

The Moon is easily recognizable. Venus is the small white dot, to the right of the Moon.

Thanks to fellow bloggers, I am now aware of this weeks significance. It is Suicide Awareness Week, from Sunday, September 8 until Sunday, September 15. I will always remember you, dear brother, even though I no longer see you.

Your smile etched
in the interior,
never erased.
Your hug warmed
the cold wind,
it now penetrates.
Your laughter lifted
me to the moon,
and higher.
You told me not to worry,
you were doing fine.
You were not okay,
you were wrong.
You are

Happy writing,


What is it about Monday that we dread? Or any other day?

Okay, so it’s Monday and the world is the same as it was yesterday. There is goodness and there is evil. There is heat and cold, hungry and fed, naked and clothed. Nothing is new…same old story, repeated daily. Some of us may feel lucky, some call it blessed, others say it is karma. Some of us feel despised, some call it damned, others say it is karma.

What is the solution to surpassing the daily grind? Remember back to your childhood, and the feeling of the days leading to Christmas, birthdays, weddings and vacation or going back to school after months of summer boredom (how do kids get bored?) or perhaps getting your driver’s license as a teen. What excites you? Anything? Certainly, when one gets older, we fear aging. There are pills to take, bills to pay, weight to lose, tears to shed, worries to wash away, moments to forget, and people to forgive. Still, I believe if we can keep an innocence, tucked away for difficult times, we can tap into that energy, and survive our defeats.

Around the curve

So as your Monday goes around the curve, look up, think about your day, finish your tasks, and then breathe. Remember no evil thoughts, reconcile with your feelings, pick up a good book, and face tomorrow with a hop in your step. I will pray for your energy to surpass your tiredness and your smiles to outweigh your frowns.

The sun is new each day.

Happy writing,

Do not be afraid


Do not be afraid
I am a Christian
I bleed like you
do you intend to see?

Do not think I am different
I am just like you
I wonder in amazement
I cry in defeat

Do not misread what you see
I am growing and learning,
forgiving and dying,
repenting and trying,
to be

We can be friends
with differences.
I will not expect of you
if you will not expect of me
what is impossible
with us is possible with G-d

Darkness descends

Mirrors and reflections,
guilt and deflections,
someone show me the way out!

Through counselors and theories,
wrong ways and worries,
God patiently waits!

Do I cry in vain?
Lord, do you hear me?
Why should you listen,
anger hides in my heart!
You minister to me,
through friends and their blogs,
talking of seeing ourselves.
“Look in the mirror,
you are beautiful, dear,
do not hide beneath your sorrow!
Did I not promise you
along time ago
to restore all that has been taken?
Have you lost all faith
and belief in My power?
Did I not promise
to move the mountains
and give fresh water?
Water that never ceases.
I am the way, the truth and the life.”

Stop running,
and cling,
to the fountain of life
that refreshes
and renews and revives!
Can I not see
all that I am meant to be
today, tomorrow and forever?

Holy Peace,


What an amazing Sunday Morning!

My mind wanders easily. All the negative voices from my past still haunt today. I fight against the words that are false, yet I still am a victim of my own self-doubt. My mom always told me I was a mess! I couldn’t agree more. I am a mess. And that is exactly who Jesus came to save…the messy people of this world. The ones who do not have it all together and want wholeness, love, peace and hope.

Hebrews 2:1 Therefore we must pay much closer attention to what we have heard, lest we drift away from it.

Reflecting back on a friend’s invite to join her at Chapel, I wonder if I received more than she? She seemed rattled and preoccupied. We missed each other in the parking lot. I sat in the back row, watching for Miss Bonnie’s perky step. Her face said it all. She left her phone at home, so missed my text, to say I was going in, without her. It was 7:58 am and the service started at 8:00 and I do not like to be late.

Why are some words better left for the trash? They certainly do not feed our needs of assurance, encouragement and fortitude. I am here for Bonnie, for the long road ahead, that we both must travel, to fully understand. I hope she keeps my text message. I didn’t abandon her. We are sisters in Christ and time spent with her is healing and refreshing. I hope she understands.

What was the message Jesus came to give us? That He is here, on everyone’s journey, and we should keep the words He spoke, and the words written before He came to earth, as vessels to push us further into wholeness, love, peace and hope. There are no broken promises…only sweet reminders that we are children of the King of kings and Lord of lords. Do not drift away…

Holy peace,